Matte Henderson: The Veneer of Logic CD/DVD

by: Craig Hartranft,  12.12.2013

Probably the best place to start when discussing guitarist, composer, guitar designer Matte Henderson's first album The Veneer of Logic would be to let you read the promotional one-sheet supplied by the label's PR agency. It can explain much more about his background, collaborations, and this music than I possibly could. But that's likely to easy an out. Think link to the PDF follows my vapid attempt to speak about The Veneer of Logic....

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Matte Henderson with Marco Minnemann: The Veneer Of Logic (2013) -

By: GLENN ASTARITA, Published: January 23, 2014

Guitarist, composer and futurist Matte Henderson is a former student of iconic progressive rock guitarist and founding father of King Crimson, Robert Fripp. He integrates some classic prog fundamentals such as odd-metered crunch chord voicings and wily rhythmic episodes, abetted by his collaborator and all-universe drummer Marco Minnemann. But Henderson spices up the program with muted voicemail vocals by David Torn and Dr. Know (Bad Brains) on a few tracks, amid recordings from prison parole hearings that spark remembrances of the late Captain Beefheart's good- natured anarchy....

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The Veneer of Logic Review -

By Jerry Lucky

Matte Henderson – The Veneer of Logic (2013 7D Media) It’s no small thing when your music comes recommended by none other than Robert Fripp. That carries a lot of weight. Such is the case with the new Matte Henderson disc featuring Marco Minnemann. This double disc set of audio CD and video DVD is Henderson’s first release and features 11agrreesive Avant-prog titles. All tunes are roughly in the three-minute plus range and feature plenty of musical guests including Tony Levin, Trey Gunn, David Torn, and many more. The music is at times dense and intense and then just for contrast might feature simple Mellotron and voice...

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Maly Leksyko - Henderson, Matte - The Veneer Of Logic

By: Kev Rowland   12.03.2014.

This is guitarist Matte Henderson’s first album, and is a collaborative effort with drummer Marco Minnemann.  Bad Brains co-founder/guitarist Doctor Know calls the album the world’s first “muttcore” release, meaning it explores the universes of post-rock, industrial, metal, and ambient in equal measure – for some reason he didn’t include jazz in that list, which is strange as this definitely includes some elements from that genre. Although this is primarily an instrumental album there are vocals but these have been almost entirely derived from voicemails, surreptitiously recorded conversations, and prison parole hearings. Obviously Matte thought that this was a great idea that would add to the experimental nature of the album and make it seem even more Zappa-esque, but to me honest I found them often at best an irrelevance and often an annoyance, as the music is so complex and well played and structured that it really doesn’t need it....

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Music Street Journal - Interview by G. W. Hill

By: G W Hill


Can you catch the readers up on the history of your involvement in music?

I started with piano lessons at the age of five. By the age of eight, it became glaringly apparent to me that I would never play at the same level as my older sister, who was tearing through Debussy's “The Children's Corner.”

Thus began my lifelong obsession with guitar. I took lessons with a good friend of an older brother. He showed me the basics…Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, Cream, The first version of Allman Brothers, Frank Zappa (I could recite  “Billy the Mountain,” in it's entirety, in fifth grade) and Mountain. 

I learned so much off of records back then. Got turned onto Holdsy in 1977. I never looked back. At this time, I was studying heavily with the late Ed McGuire. He was boys with the late Joe Pass. He was incredible teacher who introduced me to the world of The Real Book. 

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Radio Xymphonia - NIEUW Henderson, Matte - My Whirled - Bible Camp Van "The Veneer Of Logic" (7D Media, 2013)

By Radio Xymphonia

Matte Henderson leerden we kennen via de progressieve singer-songwriterplaat “Pillbox” van Andy Rinehart. Zijn mede door David Torn beïnvloede gitaarwerk en intrigerende virtuele Mellotronsounds maakten nieuwsgierig naar een soloplaat, die al jaren geleden werd aangekondigd. Eind vorig jaar werd "The Veneer Of Logic" eindelijk uitgebracht. Het is een met behulp van superdrummer Marco Minnemann en talloze gastmusici als Tony Levin, Trey Cunn, David Torn en Pat Mastelotto geproduceerd album dat een zowel vervreemdende als bewonderende uitwerking heeft. Omgeven door geluidssamples uit films en weirde geluiden, worden in relatief korte instrumentale stukken meeslepende, bizarre, heftige en lieflijke melodieën neergelegd. De composities zijn deels geïnspireerd op het werk andere muzikanten, zoals “My Whirled”, waarop aanvankelijk Mick Karn mee zou spelen en dat daarom een Dalis Car-achtige sfeer heeft gekregen. De CD gaat vergezeld van een DVD waarop de nummers begeleid worden door overweldigende filmcollages, waardoor het materiaal nog meer indruk wekt.

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By Classic Rock Music Blog

This is but the first release ever credited to Matte Henderson, but his union with 7 d proves to be a fruitful one.  Keep your ears open for other releases on this label which may not bear Henderson’s brand, but nonetheless enjoy the product of his labors.  He enjoys damn fine company while he leaves his own particular concoctions to stew, in any case.

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