"This is awesome!"
Tom Sachs

"Badassmutherfucker!! As usual...."
Andrew Kromelow

"He's at it again."
Vernon Reid/Living Colour

"Insane. Advanced music."
James Valentine/Maroon 5

"Matte Henderson.
You should check him out. Amazing player and writer. Better than viagra!"

David Fiuczynski

"Matte, Matte, Matte, Matte, Matte! The music speaks for itself. What can i say?"
Dr Know/Bad Brains

"One of the great crimes of the past 20 years is that there has been almost nowhere to go to listen to Matte Henderson's amazing guitar work and musicality. Now, there is a CD, so you have no excuse - if you got ears, you gotta listen."
-Henry Kaiser

Thanks for that."

Reeves Gabrels
David Bowie, The Cure

"Fun shit!
I saw Return to Forever last month in LA, some of the melodic parts w/guitar/synth vibe gets that groove going a bit, heavier and really cool....I like "bible camp" a lot too...that is going to make the Helmet pre gig mix along side Dean martin, Tyondai Braxton (do you know his latest album, "Central Market"?...so rad)... Scott Walker, Sandy Denny, Sinatra etc....gets the mood straight ."

Page Hamilton
Helmet, David Bowie

"I wouldn't put myself in the same boat, or even ocean with Matte relative to "monster player". His level of accomplishment is something I could never even dream about."
Steve Kimock

"Matte is a pal of mine. His new album is a MONSTER. *MONSTER.* You won't believe it. It's an amazing tour de force that explores the worlds of post-rock, industrial, metal, and ambient."
Anil Prasad

"Some nasty higher math buckwildin' there!"
Greg Tate

"i'm so freaking thrilled & amazed that there is --- finally!!! --- a matte henderson recording, featuring matte henderson; here it be --- YIPEEEEEEE!!"
David Torn

"I'm still on the record?? Great!!"
Pat Mastelotto

"Matte Henderson gets Tusk like Mammoth tones and is an angular wizard on the fretboard. These elements combined with his unique compositions and brilliant musicianship is a refreshing must for everyone."
Eddie Martinez
Run DMC, Blondie, Robert Palmer, Meat Loaf, Rod Stewart, David Lee Roth, Foreigner, Cher, Lou Reed, Tina Turner








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