"Regardless of such luminaries, Henderson’s soloing commands just as much respect. He nails breathtaking runs and fearlessly executes harmonically inventive leaps with all the icy composure of a test pilot pushing at the outer edges."

-Sid Smith
Prog Magazine

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"Blistering, angular solos that are but one aspect of an intriguing assemblage of cohesive compositions."


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"Excellent eclecticism. Charles Manson meets Bartok."

Guitar Player Magazine

Feature/Interview in the April 2014 issue

"A mindfuck of memorizing avant garde at it’s finest. It’s an audio/visual orgy of complete insanity, it’s screws with your head, and that’s a good thing"


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"You may want to pull out the DVD simply to freak out those scarf wearing, latte sipping, skinny jean dweebs who are waiting with baited breath for the next big alt rock or hardcore thing. It would be funny to watch their heads explode in cognitive and audio dissonance."


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"The relatively tame “Tomatte” closes the CD with some stolen moments from Joe Zawinul’s time with Miles Davis or Isaac Hayes’ time establishing himself as an afro-centric, cerebral pop composer fleshed out by performances from the extraterrestrial clone of Eddie Hazel after a satisfying bowl of Amphetamine Pops."


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"The adventurous music is an avant-garde conflagration of blazing progressive post punk, electronica, and industrial metal mayhem."


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"Henderson's raging single note licks leave a trail of dust within the serious-minded forays and the uncanny composition-based transformations."

All About Jazz

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"Progressive rock influenced by dinosaur bands from the 1970s has slowly been inching its way back into public consciousness. But we rarely hear progressive music in the twenty-first century that packs a punch like the tunes on The Veneer of Logic. Henderson's music is groove oriented but it also often tends to deliver a mighty punch."


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"Listening to the music is like driving in a speeding car down a windy road being thrown to one side and then the next. The DVD videos he created for each composition only reinforce his eclectic approach displaying visuals that run the gamut from psychedelic to humorous. It’s a wild ride and fans of Crimson or Fripp inspired guitar would do well to check it out. Seriously cool performances."

Jerry Lucky

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"The guitarwork and drumming are outstanding, it definitely contains a lot that Zappa would have been proud of."

Kev Rowland/MLWZ

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"Upon listening to The Veneer Of Logic the first thing that came to my mind is this music is beyond categorization."

Sea of Tranquility

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