Maly Leksyko - Henderson, Matte - The Veneer Of Logic

By: Kev Rowland   12.03.2014.

This is guitarist Matte Henderson’s first album, and is a collaborative effort with drummer Marco Minnemann.  Bad Brains co-founder/guitarist Doctor Know calls the album the world’s first “muttcore” release, meaning it explores the universes of post-rock, industrial, metal, and ambient in equal measure – for some reason he didn’t include jazz in that list, which is strange as this definitely includes some elements from that genre. Although this is primarily an instrumental album there are vocals but these have been almost entirely derived from voicemails, surreptitiously recorded conversations, and prison parole hearings. Obviously Matte thought that this was a great idea that would add to the experimental nature of the album and make it seem even more Zappa-esque, but to me honest I found them often at best an irrelevance and often an annoyance, as the music is so complex and well played and structured that it really doesn’t need it....

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